Waxed Canvas Care


Waxed Canvas is a wonderful, durable material.  Every waxed canvas garment or bag company has a unique wax recipe and method.  As for ours, we use a blend of local bees wax, paraffin wax, and linseed oil.  After we've melted it all down in a stove top pot, we take a brush to canvas and paint it on with care. For another take, check out The Art of Manliness' waxed canvas application tips.  We have also found a helpful link for care instructions here from the fine folks at Frost River.

Though we do generally encourage getting your hands (and aprons) dirty, we don't advise traditional cleaning methods. Do not use detergent to wash waxed canvas, as the detergent will break it down.  You can spot clean your waxed canvas tote bag or apron with mild soap or just cold water if it needs any cleaning.

Please note that the wax on our canvas tote bags may melt down in the extreme south Georgia summer heat.  Our products are coated with a thick layer of our wax blend --In high heats our items will soften, but will return to normal in room temperature.  Treat our items like infants. Do not leave them in hot cars in the summer.

We hope and trust that your SB goods will last a lifetime.  Sturdy Brothers thanks you for appreciating quality waxed canvas dry goods!