Sturdy Reproofing

Sturdy Reproofing Services

-We believe in sustainability and would love to help you keep your jackets and bags in service for longer.  Rewaxing and washing helps prolong the life and durability of any quality product suited to take wax.

-Availability and capacity is currently limited and on a first come first serve basis.

All Services Include Free Return Shipping.

Pricing (Rewaxing price does not include wash)


-Regular Jackets (Knee Length) - $90

-Long Jackets - $110

-Vests $75

-Bags, Briefcases, and Backpacks (Filson, SB, & other) - $75

-Aprons (Sturdy, or other)- $65


-Add washing to reproofing service- $65

-Washing Item without reproofing service- $86


To order please send an email to  Include item information, services selected, and return address.

*No Guarantee to Remove Stains with washing service.