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The Craft Weekender Tote Bag

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We have developed this variation of a weekend bag that is the perfect size for a weekend trip by expanding on the design of our Classic Waxed Canvas and Leather Craft tote bag. The Craft Tote Weekender is a weekend bag featuring a roll top that expands to allow for lots of extra space.  

When thinking of a perfect companion for our trips, this design flowed naturally from us. We took this camping and loaded it down with not only clothing but also camping gear. It adorned several outfits, a camp lantern, food and drinks, as well as a blanket. The great part about the outer pockets is they are very large. The back pocket fit an entire folded blanket, and the two front pockets can hold larger items as well. 

Perfect for a short trip or a long excursion, this bag is a great way to organize and carry all the essentials in style.


For as long as I can remember, I have struggled to find a great weekend bag that has enough room and is appealing enough for me to take everywhere. Born out of neccessity, we think you will fall in love with this simple yet highly functional bag. Southern Living says our weekend bag is a roadtrip essential. When we went out to Big Bend National Park weused this bag to carry all of our camping gear (see blog HERE) it was hard to decide who was taking it home after all of our trip was over. 

-Chestnut leather handles as well as shoulder strap

-Adjustable shoulder length by buckle

-YKK Zipper

-3 Large Outer Pockets

- Single Large Interior Pocket for Cell Phone and Misc.

How to care for this Waxed Canvas product.

When shopping for a weekend bag, we hope you love the Craft Weekender as much as we do.