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Sturdy Brothers Blend Coffee

$ 15.00

Specialty coffee runs deep in the SB family so we decided to make a coffee of our very own. By partnering with Grassroots coffee, we have made the Sturdy Brothers Blend. Featuring a blend of some of our favorite coffees and roasting to a light finish, we have made this delicious coffee.

When it comes to quality coffee, we can kind of get really geeky out about it. We love manual brew methods and tweeking recipes to get the very best flavor out of each brew. The Sturdy Brothers Blend is what we have come up with as a coffee to represent our love for coffee, as well as our love for the specialty coffee community.

Sturdy Brothers Blend is a blend of two very delicious coffee regions: Ethiopia Sidamo and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. We have roasted these to a light finish to bring out some really tasty notes. We are a little bias, but this is a delicious coffee to us and we really think you will enjoy it as well. 

Yirgacheffe is considered by some the birthplace of coffee. It has a light to medium body. It is a micro region of Sidamo, which also features some of our favorite coffees! We love that this coffee is a blend of two fairly similar and regionally close coffees. It has created a light and crisp coffee. We love to pour it over ce on summer days. Prefered brewed method would be pour over (we like Counter Cultures recipe) as well as french press. We think this coffee is definitely delicious out of traditional drip coffee makers as well. Small batch roasted by Grassroots Coffee, so get it while you can!

-Tasting Notes: Lemongrass, Tangerine, and Raspberry.

-1 lb. Bag

Locally roasted in Thomasville, Ga by Grassroots Coffee Roasters

Specialty coffee is one of our loves; explore it with us.