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The Sturdy Brothers Leather Coaster Set has arrived. If you need a place for your beverage of choice to rest, look no further.  These clean and simple leather coasters are great to have around the house or shop.  They feature a full grain leather (same as we use for our bags and aprons).  Each corner is stamped with the SB hammer emblem. 

Our mama always scolded us when we didnt use a coaster under our sweaty cups, and now we do the same to our friends and family. We love and value our furniture and also the accessories that keep it in shape and taken care of. This coaster set will protect your cherished tables from water, as well as simply give your drinks a platform to land on. 


We have not had the chance as a company to make many home accessories, so when this idea came about we got very excited. Our main focus may be on carry goods and work wear, but we love a well maintained and tastefully decorated living space. Ever since these came into existence they have been found on our coffee tables and desks at work and at home.

Coasters tend to be half form and half function. Yes they are very useful, and we think they are absolutely needed, but they also have a beautiful form. A leather coaster is a unique piece to pull out for a coctail party, and they are right at home planted permanently on your living room tables. Use them where you want for casual use or special occasion. 

-Full Grain Leather

-"SB" Logo stamp

-Comes in sets of 4


How to care for this Leather product.

Put the finishing touch on a room or office. Grab a coaster set.