Selvedge Denim Long Snap Wallet
Selvedge Denim Long Snap Wallet Checkbook
Jean Snap Wallet Seahawk Chromexcel -  - 1
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Jean Snap Wallet Seahawk Chromexcel

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This Horween leather wallet is a perfect long wallet designed with lots of room for all the essentials.  It easily holds cards, upright cash, or halved bills.  We also added a small quarter pocket that holds a dollar in change.

There are three card sleeves on the main body of this guy. The half moon shaped quarter pocket is as cool as it gets, and its no stranger to guitar picks as well. There are also four large compartments for holding lots of things, like receipts, business cards, cash, and anything in between. Load this down as much as you want. It is also a nice size to keep a check book folded into it. 

The Selvedge denim dividers form an extra 2 pockets in the deep back of the wallet.  The unique lines of this wallet are specifically designed to fit right in the "V" of a pair of jeans for optimal comfort and wear.  

When you first see this wallet you may be taken back by the design or confused by the shape. Its unique yet utilitarian lines set it apart from most other wallets out. This wallet is for those looking for the ultimate wallet.

We are a big fan of Cone Mills and the denims and other fabrics they produce. American looms weaving American Denims get us excited and we wanted a wallet to highlight our love for denim and jeans in general. We think the Jean Snap fits the bill.

-Horween Seahawk Chromexcel Leather

-Cone Mills 12oz. Brown Tinted Weft Denim

-Solid brass snap closure

-Saddle stitch with nylon thread


How to care for this Leather product.

Choosing the perfect wallet is not an easy task. The Jean Snap Horween leather wallet will make a great back pocket companion.