Waxed canvas ipad carry holder
Waxed canvas ipad carry holder

Ipad Carry

$ 46.00

 The iPad has become well used tool among us, so we needed an iPad case to protect it. So we created an iPad carry in true Sturdy Brothers fashion, with the staple nutmeg and navy waxed duck canvas, chestnut leather accents, and a brass YKK zipper.

We needed an iPad Case for ourselves. After making this simple design we thought it was just too pretty not to add to our lineup. For this product we used our staple nutmeg and navy waxed duck canvas to make it recognizable in a crowd. To go along with that, there is room for a few extras in the case to go along with your iPad. We keep pens and a small notebook in the pouch along with the device. This would also make a great medium size zipper pouch for universal uses. 

There are a few features that make a waxed duck canvas a great option to guard your iPad. With water resistant qualities, a sturdy structure, and a very secure brass zipper closure, you just simply can not go wrong. 

We really appreciate the waxed duck canvas repelling the spilled coffee away from our iPad and the zipper not sliding open while this is in our bag during our commute. The nutmeg and navy canvas paired with the chestnut leather and brass finishes sure does make it attractive as well. 

-11oz nutmeg waxed duck canvas

-Double reinforced navy waxed duck canvas bottom

-Chestnut harness leather SB logo 

-Brass YKK zipper closure

*NOTE* This case is water resistant, but not waterproof. This is not guaranteed to protect your iPad from water damage and we are not responsible for any damage done while iPad is in our iPad Carry.

How to care for this Waxed Canvas product.

An iPad case like this would be a great and handsome choice to guard your belongings.