Down Home Specialty Coffee Mug - Sturdy Brothers
Down Home Specialty Coffee Mug - Sturdy Brothers
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Down Home Specialty Coffee Mug

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Our company has its roots, and has been continually inspired by Specialty Coffee.  We wanted to make a tribute to our coffee heritage through this mug.  Although we are not the first to do a rendition of the Mason Jar coffee mug, we do feel that this product embodies the Spirit of our company.  

Since we are all so deeply rooted in the coffee community and culture, we wanted products that explored that side of who we are just a bit more. In order to pay homeage to our roots as a company, and as individuals, we had to produce an every day item for the coffee forward individual. We also couldnt forget about our own interests in specialty coffee and to be honest, we wanted a super cool mug to sip our coffee out of. 

With Southern charm and American quality, the leather Down Home Mug is sure to be a suiter to all your coffee/ drink travel needs.

On hot summer days you can find our down home mugs filled with iced coffee, and on cool autumn nights we fill it to the brim with yummy hot chocolate and marshmallows. We like to keep these as our daily carry for our morning coffee fill up and to keep us hydrated throughout the day. You know you could even use the handle to hand it in a cabinet and keep nick nacks in it?

-Horween Natural Dublin Leather Sleeve

-Custom Sturdy Brothers Scripted Logo

-Natural Strapping Handle 

-#9 Hand Driven Copper Rivets

We use our Down Home Coffee Mug mug to drink some of the finest Specialty Coffe, and hope you will as well!


How to care for this Leather product.

What better way to enjoy a nice cup of specialty coffee than out of a beautiful leather wrapped mug?