Black Horween Double Pocket Wallet
Black Horween Double Pocket Wallet
Black Horween Double Pocket Wallet
Black Horween Double Pocket Wallet

Double Pocket Wallet Black Dublin

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The Double Pocket Wallet is a our version of a slimmed down bi-fold. Two pockets offer room for cards, and halved cash. This wallet is small enough to be a front pocket wallet, but also stout enough to be a full time back pocket warrior.

The beautiful thing about Horween leather is not only is it tough, but it ages well and grows into the perfect wallet according to you specifically. It will sit perfectly into those old jeans. As the months pass an outline of this little guy will show on your back pockets. It will pick up indigo and other colors rubbed off of your garments. It stretches out to fit exactly what you put into it. It accomodates to you. 

The double pocket wallet is a workhorse. 

If you are looking for a sleek and sophisticated business card wallet, this may be just the one for you. With one pocket for your essentials and one pocket for your business cards, you can tuck it away for business meetings with full faith. If you need a low profile wallet for your trips to the gym or just to carry the bear minimum with you, this will provide. If you want a full time wallet, this can function fully and well as just that. There is enough room for several cards in each pocket as well as some folded cash. 

- Legendary Horween Leather

-Saddle Stitch with Nylon Thread

-Edged and burnished edges

-Sturdy Brothers logo stamp

How to care for this Leather product.

A wallet is something we have our hands on every single day. It holds some of our most valued and important posessions. Everyone needs and deserves a hard working wallet. The double pocket wallet is our workhorse wallet, and it will serve you any task you need.