The Craft Tote Bag Rust T./ Nutmeg B. -

The Craft Tote Bag Rust T./ Nutmeg B.

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This Waxed Canvas Tote Bag is created with the same waxed canvas as our aprons. It's the perfect size for an overnight trip or just toting all of your stuff around town. Whether you assign this tote for a specific task or use it as an every day carry, it will be a perfect companion.

A tote bag has become a common item in pretty much every household. They arent gender specific, and they are capable of any task you can think of. We realy pride ourselves in making products that are multifunctional yet simple. This Craft Tote Bag is not unique in shape, but it is unique in build and design. The leather straps and copper rivets are extremely strong for heavy duties, and the heavy duty waxed duck canvas is very durable and water resistant so the elements just cant beat it down. 

Made with leather handles and secured by copper rivets for an extra sturdy grip, the craft waxed canvas tote bag will never leave you stranded. 

The Craft  waxed canvas Tote Bag has taken on numerous roles. Heritage Overland is stocking them with their fleet of beautiful vintage overlanding vehicles and Free People added them to their Valentines gift lineup this past year. We personally like to load this bag down with anything we can think of and haul it on our next weekend journey.  The Craft Tote is a staff favorite over here at Sturdy Brothers HQ. Our families all hope for one of these guys under the Christmas tree!

9 oz. navy waxed canvas with 12 oz. nutmeg waxed canvas bottom

  • 9 oz chestnut-finished leather straps (3/4" wide)
  • Copper rivets
  • 8x4" canvas inside pocket
  • 19"Lx8"Wx13"H

How to care for this Waxed Canvas product.


The Craft waxed canvas Tote Bag is a timeless accessory anyone could enjoy.