American Apparel Pocket Tee
American Apparel Pocket Tee

Workshop Pocket Tee

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We have had a lot of requests for, and always wanted a t-shirt for Sturdy Brothers.  We wanted something to really sum up and express what we do.  The back reads our tagline, "Rekindling American Craftsmanship."  This has been our tagline since the beginning.  It sums up the Spirit of what we are doing, and the move back to quality made products we see taking place across the country.  

American Craftsmanship was practically dead for many years. Killed by consumerism, everyone wanted everything fast and cheap. The problem is that great products are neither of these things. As a result American Craftsmanship shrank in response to an influx of inexpensive, yet lower quality, alternitives. We Are pleased to be a part of a movement back to the American Craftsman, and you supporting us or living by this verse is also a gesture support for the movement we live for.


The front chest detail adorns a pair of crossing hammers on a breast pocket. Plain and simple, with no words or frills. The workshop tee is our shirt for the workers out there. We beat these shirts up and wear them in the shop most days.

American Apparel makes a great, all cotton t-shirt that we chose to get this design printed on. The cotton is tough while being very comfortable. They can be ran through the wash many times and can be used as an every day working t-shirt. We wanted this shirt to be stylish, but we did not want it to be only used as a fashion piece. Go out and get your hands dirty in this thing. 


-American Apparel Black Cotton Tee

-Crossing Hammer Front Pocket Detail

-Rekindling American Craftsmanship quote on back


A t-shirt for our working men and women of the world.