Mail Room Barber Pomade Classic
Mail Room Barber Pomade Nolde Forrest

Mail Room Barber Pomade

$ 17.00

This Pomade is modeled after traditional hair grease and grooming aids of the 40s and 50s for men that are going for anything from the grease punk look to the polished executive contour. Depending on the amount you scoop, the Classic Pomade can tame the thickest, curliest hair, or hold loose, voluptuous pomps in their place.

Us here at Sturdy Brothers like to have an updo on certain occasions. With the tight hold, delicious smell, and the quality od The Mailroom Barber's pomade, we just can not stop grabbing for it anytime we need a fresh updo. This wax based pomade provides a great hold, and stays maliable throughout the day, so carry a come with you and keep the comb lines in place. 

Pomade is an American Man classic that lost its way, but there is now a resurgence of good quality products. Men with tightly groomed hair are becoming more and more common, and they need a good quality pomade, so we chose to provide the world with The Mailroom Barber Pomade. 

Along with this great quality product, it is also ethically produced. Not only is it ethically produced, but the company uses its leverage to fight against human trafficking. We love a company that makes a great product. Companies that stand up for other humans while making a good product have a permanent place in our store. Get yours today. 


- 3.5oz

- Oil Based
- Washes out easily (1 to 2 washes)
- Medium to Heavy hold
- Medium shine

Proudly handmade in Florence, SC, US


There are a whole lot of generic brands creating hair products that are extremely sub par. They dont hold a candle to the Mailroom Barber. Pomade is a great additive for any grooming set up, you get yours now.